Avaya DevConnect Compliance Testing

As part of of MobiCall release 8.2 recertification with the Systems “Avaya Inc. ‘s Avaya IP Office Server Edition Release 10.0” and “IP Office 500 V2 Release 10.0”, New Voice solution was successfully recognized compliant during the second quarter of 2017.

The certification of MobiCall Release 8.2 for Avaya systems was carried out by Avaya’s DevConnect technical team. Thanks to this successful compliance test, Avaya and New Voice provide their customers and partners with an increased confidence in the interoperability of the existing products as well as in the successful further development of new products.

Overview of the main MobiCall functions related to the Avaya systems:avaya

  • Display of text during calls
  • Confirmation of the emrgency call
  • Silent Alarm
  • Connection to ongoing calls
  • Activation of special ring tones
  • Automatic announcement over the public address
  • XML messages
  • AWIS Integration

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