New Voice MobiCall & Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ : a winning combination

In case of incidents or critical situations, seconds can be crucial to save lives, avoid production down-times, or secure buildings and their technical infrastructure. In such cases, MobiCall can quickly and efficiently alert the relevant internal and external parties, both on a group or individual basis.

Thanks to Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™, all potential options can be extended.


Further it is possible to share documents in real time and call for on-line collaborations. Thus, the interplay between both solutions ensures an optimization of the alarm and information processes.

As a consequence, the overall security of your employees is enhanced and a quick response to technical and operational emergencies is guaranteed. This way will avoid faults, machine failures, production losses and downtimes.



Brighten your day with a Rainbow. Our new video in online. Check it out!


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