New products

– service based telephony:
MobiCall receives all alarms from any system ( i.e. one line for each topic ).
Administrators can assign experts to the line
The experts can maintain their reachability by themselves !

at the IT of the city of Zurich MobiCall receives all alarms from NetCool ( NMS )     ( might also be Tivoli, SPO, Castelrock or others…
The lines are :    windows,   linux,    office,    printers,    telecommunication,    etc. etc…

This can be used for everything, where experts are in branches and the head quarter does not want to configure the phone numbers of the staff members !

– emergency contact centre:

The operators can take several calls in parallel.

This because in these kind of hotlines they do not get any call for hours  ( hopefully ). But if there’s an incident, they get tenth of calls in very short time.

– MobiCall IoT

New Voice MobiCall IoT supports LoRa-Wan Server and all kind of Devices.


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