New Voice International AG is now world-wide IndigoCare Application Partner

The future belongs to IP. IndigoCare provides an innovative full IP nurse call system: iCall. A great added value of the solution is the distributed intelligence of the system.

Thus, the IP units offer a station-related transmission of alarm messages directly to MobiCall. Compared to other system this ensures a faster information transmission, as messages do not have to be transferred through central ESPA interfaces.

New Voice has implemented a full integration with IndigoCare. The following functions are therefore available:

  • Transmission of alarm messages from IndigoCare to MobiCall
  • Setting of status messages from MobiCall to IndigoCare
  • Netrix Protocol supported
  • Novilog protocol supported including statistics
  • Self-verification procedure
  • Downstream switching
  • Exchange of open alarms between systems
  • Multicast for SIP units

Peter Huber, Sales & Marketing Manager at New Voice, and Jan Beckers, Channel Manager EMEA at IndigoCare agree: “Our partners and customers can now benefit from the seamless integration of both systems. In this way, operating costs can be reduced, existing workflows are optimised and staff members are relieved. ”

iCall Application Partner certificate

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