MobiCall's fields of application

Applications tailored for different markets and situations
energy production

Business continuity management

New Voice provides you with a reliable BCM system capable of an effective response, especially to restore a business to normal operations following an unanticipated event or business interruption.

emergency management

Emergency Management

New Voice’s team of experts supports your company in emergency situations creating a targeted emergency management solution to cope with your daily challenges.


Facility Management and Maintenance

Our Facility Maintenance solution can be easily integrated in your existing management system and can effectively fix any unexpected problems. So, public buildings are constantly assisted by MobiCall.

finance services

Incident Management

MobiCall acts as a central alarm and information platform, using all conceivable ways to trigger an alarm, thanks to the standardised and producer-specific interfaces, fully integrated in the existing systems.


Fire and disaster alerting

In the event of a fire or disaster alarm,  the existing ICT infrastructure can be used so that existing telephones and computers are available for audible and visual alarm signalling thanks to MobiCall.

Stille alarmierung

Silent Alarm

In order to promptly help employees in critical situations, MobiCall allows hiddenly triggering “silent alarms” using the existing IT and communication infrastructure.


Lone workers

Regardless of the industry sector, the staff safety is the highest priority for a company. In critical situations, a reliable personal protection system must be available for lone workers.

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