IoT technology

MobiCall platform connects people and things to a world of infinite possibilities
IOT smart building

The communication platform

for IoT related ecosystems

The industry 4.0 as well as the digital transformation of production plants and business processes increasingly concern companies and organisations. Many elements linked to the Internet Of Things are already part of our daily life.

And in a few years, nearly 30 billion of IoT devices will likely be in use. All companies and institutions will face substantial challenges due to the switch of their production and organisational structures into an interconnected operational system.

After all, Smart Building and Smart Factory solutions also have a huge potential to deliver significant benefits to your business. These include fast communication processes and response measures, which consequently increase the flexibility, improve the productivity, optimise costs and enhance the overall quality.

MobiCall offers the ideal platform

to make the most of your full potential

The MobiCall solution is designed to be integrated into your existing environment allowing you to manage all alarms and events occurring throughout your organisation.

The ability to integrate all your systems, devices, sensors and disparate 3rd party applications with your existing ICT infrastructure provides a single management platform to manage all your alarm and event situations.

This can deliver lots of benefits to your organisation including a better protection for your staff members, as well as a quick response to technical and operational alarms; thus allowing to avoid any kind of faults or system breakdowns and to improve the public safety.

internet of things network
smart factory and mobicall

A universal connector

for all IoT components

IoT components offer different kind of technologies and interfaces, but MobiCall support all of them, acting as a central alarm and information platform. Thanks to its variety of connectors, MobiCall allows a real time monitoring of all components.

  • LPWAN-based protocols, such as LoRa, SigFox or NB-IoT
  • IP integrations via Modbus, KNX, BACNet, OPC, XML, e-mail, ESPA-X, HL7, etc.
  • IP contact controller to collect analog signals (such as temperature, measuring and fluid levels) as well as digital contact inputs and outputs
  • PBX infrastructures
  • Windows services and processes
  • SNMP traps V1-V3
  • Serial connection via ESPA 4.4.4, Generic Printer Protocol
  • Many standardised and proprietary interfaces

As central platform, MobiCall also allows creating a large-scale networking among systems, devices, sensors and the responsible staff, in order to directly transfer critical faults and relevant threshold values.

Optimisation of response time and work flows

Regardless of the event, the proper and quickest possible redirection of significant information is a key element to make a competitive difference. The faster your response time, the better is your outcome.

Based on events, MobiCall alerts the responsible technicians, managers, safety officers, employees and external units, both individually and on a group basis. For this purpose, all the media available can be used, and can interactively be controlled through different types of messages – voice, text, picture and video. The integrated task management represents a major advantage of this solution, since it ensures faults classification and tracking. The whole process, starting from the alarm trigger up to the troubleshooting including the usual SLA times, is monitored and displayed.

1. Event input

An event can be triggered either automatically by a subsystem (fire detection system, building management system, process control system etc.) or manually by the user (telephone, PC client, web etc.).

2. Communication

Based on alarm plans and time schedules, MobiCall signals the event to a defined group of people using multiple media, such as internal and external lines, smartphones, PC clients and IP loudspeakers.

mobicall principle

3. Acknowledgement and escalation

To guarantee the highest degree of safety, a predefined number of recipients must acknowledge the alarm. If they cannot be reached, the system starts an escalation to notify additional participants.

4. Report and control

MobiCall logs detailed data on the entire process. This report can be sent automatically or retrieved at any time from the alarm control centre. Emergency calls and conferences can also be recorded.

MobiCall is a flexible and high-performing solution

  • Platform-independent solution
  • Decentralised and centralised structure
  • Optional virtualization
  • Load sharing support
  • Cloud-ready application
  • Full multi-media integration
  • +350 interfaces for subsystems
cloud solution

MobiCall is a tailored professional security application

  • Internal system monitoring
  • Optional geo-redundancy
  • Automatic backups
  • Interface monitoring
  • Automatic logging

MobiCall is user-friendly

  • Process-oriented system management
  • Industry-related configuration options
  • Multi-client capable web access
  • Templates and filtering functions for statistical alarm evaluation
  • Reporting with graphical representations
User friendly interfaces

Swiss quality

New Voice International counts upon a team of 60 people actively supporting integrators around the world. Most of them are developers, constantly adding new features and providing technical support, as needed. The innovative and talented team working at New Voice delivers tailored solutions to ensure that Mobicall is delivered according to the specific requirements of our customers. We have successfully implemented more than 6,000 MobiCall systems around the world and in all industries.

Mobilisation of people, neat evacuation, instant collaboration, well-timed alarm acknowledgement and escalation, to name just a few implementations supported by MobiCall.

MobiCall provides a better protection for your customers and staff members, as well as quick response measures to technical and operational alarms; thus allowing to avoid any kind of faults or system breakdowns and to improve the public safety.

The system provides an information distribution based on time and calendars, which enables a flexible mapping of duty rosters. The information transfer can occur both on a skill-based and prioritised, as well as on a simultaneous or sequential way, depending on the alarm configuration. MobiCall also supports internal Watchdog monitoring, automatic backups as well as extensive reporting and statistics features.

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