Administration & Reporting

Management and traceability in MobiCall

Keep it under control

MobiCall is a software platform loaded with abundant value adding features. It  is equipped with simple and efficient enabling tools to provide for complete autonomy over any workflow system.

Standard tools are provided to customise any solution.

Automatic Report Generation

MobiCall may be configured to generate alert reports based on HTML templates.

Automatic Report Sending

Choose and receive event reports by email to always stay informed on what is going on.

Audit Trail

MobiCall can sort and save all events and reactions to events, as these occur throughout any system.

Network Supervision

Monitor your network with MobiCall thanks to standard protocols: http, TCP/IP, SNMP trap, ModBus…

Standard Apps

Desktop and web standard applications are provided to manage and configure any MobiCall system, regardless of existing infrastructure.

Customised Apps

MobiCall could also be managed and operated through a customised process, thanks to an application generator.

Simplified HTML Reporting

MobiCall incorporates smart tools to assist like regular expression editor, html editor…

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