MobiCall has the capability to detect any event in any environment
Mobicall event


MobiCall interacts with any sensor to detect events and process these centrally in a single network platform. Mobicall is then able to notify and monitor an appropriate response based on the context of the event and the outcome envisaged, with the help of entity communication relays.

Heterogeneous connectivity

Due to its versatility, MobiCall is able to coordinate a myriad of inputs and connectors. Mobicall adapts to existing equipment and infrastructure without the need for specific dedicated additional hardware. Consequently and significantly, MobiCall does not hinder technological integrity and preserves brand independence, whilst offering complete protection and coordination.

PBX telephone systems

Voice Inputs

MobiCall is able to interact with the overwhelming majority of PBX interfaces on the market; from dated, to state-of-the art technologies alike. MobiCall is able to interact with these to detect events (incoming calls, triggering e-mails, text alerts…) and relay information.

Standard Protocols

MobiCall is able to manage every communication standard (ESPA, RS, MSF, RF, XML, SIP, and IP) to identify new developments and adopt technological breakthroughs constantly streaming into the market.


Unified Communication Systems

MobiCall is able to interact with third party unified communication software, e.g. Microsoft’s Lync, allowing for an extension of reach and efficiency using these global communication networks.

management dashboard

Building Management Systems

MobiCall connects with Building Management Systems to optimise productivity, security and ease of use.

medical devices

Medical Devices

MobiCall is able to monitor and interact with medical devices, ranging from basic sensors (e.g. nurse call pushbuttons) to highly complex devices (e.g. Capsule System for intensive care) promoting better patient outcomes and coordination of nursing and other medical staff.


Hotel Management Platforms

MobiCall is able to enhance Property Management Systems, e.g. Fidelio, by interacting with hotel infrastructure for better coordination of personnel.

mobile devices

Wireless Communication

MobiCall is able to integrate telephone infrastructures (e.g. DECT, IP-DECT, GSM, VoIP), linking them into a single platform, enabling an efficient means of redirecting communication to optimise notifications.

contact box

Contact Controllers

MobiCall is able to integrate with a wide variety of contact housing references, enabling direct contact with dry contact devices and other control units, to communicate events.

smart devices IOT

IoT & Connected Devices

Smartphones, tablets or smartwatches are able to act as connectors. Alerts configured on MobiCall could be triggered, conveyed or even managed by these connected devices, no matter where they are located.

surveilleance camera

Monitoring and Alerting Systems

MobiCall interacts with all surveillance and monitoring systems, whether fire alarms, surveillance cameras, intrusion detection systems, IT monitoring devices e.g. SNMP trap…

fire sensors

Environmental Sensors

MobiCall is able to integrate and process data collected from various sensors, e.g. smoke, temperature, luminosity, wind, sound…


Localisation Devices

MobiCall offers solutions based on real-time geographic localisation sensors, that trigger when a certain location is reached or when a predefined perimeter is breached. Furthermore, Mobicall is able assist in mobilising an intervention team more efficiently.

Analog Value

MobiCall can start alarms, according to analog values from any IP sensor (temperature, humidity, voltage…)

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