Encrypted Paging

TPL Systems teams up with MobiCall to deliver secure messaging with encrypted paging.

An alarming number of breaches have occurred in health environments across Australia with traditional messaging platforms. One of the most common ways for staff to communicate in our health environments today is via radio in the form of pagers. A Queensland-based expert says it is difficult to protect information communication via radio and he said that it is impossible to know how many people have accessed leaked data.

Access to personal information sent over a paging network can be easily breached with inexpensive equipment available from retail outlets and used by anyone.

A Teen hacker was behind a data breach of the WA Health Department paging system. Sensitive medical details of scores of West Australians had been compromised in one of the state’s biggest privacy breaches, where thousands of state government communications were published on a public website.

Technology expert Trevor Long said he was stunned to see highly sensitive medical details “flying around” on an unsecured network. “It’s almost outrageous to think that in this modern age these open and public systems would be used to disseminate this sort of information,” he said.

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