New Voice has a long term partnership with Alcatel-Lucent since 1991.

Our MobiCall solution offers a seamless integration with OXE, OXO, Opentouch etc., and is designed on the basis of the DGUV 112-139
(BGR 139) in the area of lone worker protection and officially qualified and certified by BGR 139.


PBX Features

MobiCall successfully interfaces with the following Alcatel-Lucent infrastructure:

TDM SIP Rainbow

Standard Voice Features

MobiCall natively supports:

  • Calls
  • Call routing
  • Conferencing
  • DTMF exchange
  • Text display when ringing

Advanced Features

New Voice has developed specific interfaces based on proprietary protocols (csta, abc, xml…) in order to offer additional services:

  • Automatic acceptance
  • Interaction with DECT terminals, My Ic Phone and PTI
    • certified by DGUV 112-139 (BGR 139)
  • Mini Message
  • Opening of loudspeakers

Would you like a comprehensive list of available services or do you need more technical details?

Please contact us and we will assist you with how MobiCall could assist you.

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