New Voice has a long term partnership with NEC for more than 10 ten years.

Our MobiCall solution is designed on the basis of the DGUV 112-139 (BGR 139) in the area of lone worker protection and officially qualified and certified by BGR 139.




PBX Features

MobiCall successfully interfaces with the following infrastructure:



Standard Voice Features

MobiCall natively supports:

  • Inbound and outbound calls (VM, ACD, IVR)
  • First-aid call 2-party voice conference with the first one
  • Scheduled conferences with the web-based conference manager
  • Conversation recording
  • Information message for call on display

Advanced Features

MobiCall supports proprietary protocols (csta, xml…) and is therefore able to provide more user relevant services:

  • Inbound and outbound text messages on DECT telephones
  • Localization function of DECT participants
  • IT alarms SNMP Traps
  • Beacon integration
  • PBX and devices supervision
  • Personal emergency signal systems for lone workers
    • certified by DGUV112-139 (BGR 139)
The MobiCall Smart App runs on the brand new android based NEC phone and offers DIRECT ACCESS to the MobiCall Dashboard, TMS and customizable web applications.

The deep integration with the new NEC GT890 gives the user endless possibilities to benefit of the well known MobiCall features such as:

  • Alarms (start and receive)
  • Tasks (start, suspend, restart)
  • Presence
  • Camera (view camera to open the door for the post man)
  • Access to the MobiCall Dashboard
  • See emergency call location
  • Access NVX (customerizable Web app builder)


Would you like a comprehensive list of available services or do you need more technical details?

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