MobiCall App ensures an efficient alerting process, reliable personal protection and workflow optimisation in a simple way on mobile devices

Mobility solution

Unpredictable emergency situations and major events can occur at any time. For such emergencies, MobiCall provides a way to trigger and acknowledge alarms, by offering a wide range of features for mobile users.

All these functions offer an improved protection of employees and emergency responders, a direct exchange of information and a quick response to emergency or critical situations, as well as to technical alarms. As a consequence, the overall security is increased and key business processes are preserved, thus allowing to avoid technical faults and system breakdowns.

The MobiCall App is part and parcel of the MobiCall solution. It is actually the focus of our communication system, acting as a central alarm and information platform. A great added value of the solution is that all conceivable means of communication are available to trigger an alarm. Standardised and manufacturer-specific interfaces allow a complete integration of the existing production plants, hazard detection technologies, building automation systems, IT components and Basic Process Control Systems.

Based on events, MobiCall can alert the responsible technicians, department managers, safety officers, staff members and external stations, either individually or on a group basis. For this purpose, all known media are available and can be interactively controlled using voice, text, image and video messages.


  • Quick start alarm
  • Smartwatch integration
  • MobiCall gateway for DMZ
  • Redundancy supported
  • Acoustic alert in silent mode
  • Multimedia contents
  • Task Management
  • Localisation via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Beacons and GPS
  • Communication encryption
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • ICT monitoring

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MobiCall App - Security Under Control

Secured and monitored connection

The connection and availability of the different communication channels can be checked at defined intervals, thanks to the interplay between the central system and the MobiCall App, which displays the connection status in real time.

If no network is available, a notification is delivered to the central device and to the mobile unit, thus allowing to trigger a technical alarm, according to the configuration. If, in the event of an alarm, no data connection is available, the alarm recipient can also be informed using different channels, e.g. via call or SMS. In this case, it’s also possible to transfer the information to further terminal devices of the alarm recipient or even to notify alternative recipients.

mobicall architecture

Mobicall App fits in with your needs

Our App offers a wide performance scope, according to your needs, you can decide which components a user is allowed to use. The following items are available:

  • alarm trigger
  • alarm acknowledgement
  • lone workers’ protection
  • team presence status
  • SIP Client
  • task management
  • functions linked to hospitality facilities
mobicall app interface
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MobiCall App - Acknowledgement and trigger

Enhancing personal security

The graphical user interfaces allow to employees, emergency responders, managers and security officers to directly and intuitively trigger alarms and scenarios, independently from time and location. According to the situation, quick start alarms, which are structurally provided, can be released. Alternatively, the MobiCall App also permits to create dynamic alarm messages, using individual modules. The ACL function allows to assign authorisations, so that each user can only activate alarms with regard to the respective area.

The whole solution can be configured as a distributed trustworthy alarm system. One of its big advantages is that a huge number of recipients can be achieved within seconds thanks to an improved data connection. Depending on the configuration, the user has the choice to send either a positive or a negative alarm acknowledgement and to share more information.

smart devices

Easy and quick trigger of alarms and events

  • Fixed quick start alarms can be directly triggered
  • Dynamic alarms with modules dedicated to detailed information, location, pictures and videos
  • Input of documentations and building plans
  • Security alerts for watchmen or social workers
  • Assignment of authorisations
  • Who triggered an alarm automatically receives alarm reports
  • Trigger in case of locked screen *
  • Trigger through hardware button *
  • Graphic display of successful alarm triggers
  • Alarm trigger via smartwatch
  • Automatic starting of teleconferences

*depending on the operating system and the terminal device

Reliable receipt of information and alarms

  • Alarms can be received individually or on a group basis
  • Positive or negative alarm acknowledgement
  • Selection of different ringtones, depending on the alarm priority
  • Acoustic alert even in silent mode
  • Display of building plans and integration of external cards
  • Login and logout functions for members of alarm groups
  • Multimedia integration including video stream
  • Alarm reception also via smartwatch
  • Direct call-back function and starting of conference calls
patient monitoring
MobiCall App - Personal safety

Lone workers’ protection

The Android MobiCall App can work in conjunction with MobiCall for a better protection of lone workers. The solution is designed on the basis of the DGUV (German Statutory Accident Insurance) 112-139 regulation in order to ensure a reliable personal protection. In case of emergency, MobiCall provides first responders with a quick notification thanks to a simultaneous communication process. The coordination of all the people acting can take place using teleconferences that are automatically started. This solution can be used for first aiders’ emergency calls, taking into account the rules and regulations of the employers liability insurance association.

mobical person protection

Workplace protection

  • Solution created for Android devices and based on the DGUV (German Statutory Accident Insurance) 112-139
  • Deliberate (red button) and automatic alarms (man-down, no-movement, time, escape and tear-off alarm) are supported
  • Automatic establishing of emergency conferences between alarm trigger and alarm recipient
  • Server-based and local monitoring of terminal devices
  • Integrated device test before starting work
  • Localisation via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Beacons and GPS
  • Display of building and site plans
  • Support to patrols and guardian controls
  • Web-based monitoring mode for MobiCall
MobiCall App - Operations management

Task management

For the daily operations management, an efficient use of all means of communication is an important cost and quality factor. MobiCall makes a full networking among machines, devices, sensors and relevant staff members possible, thus allowing to transfer directly key process data as well as critical threshold values. As a consequence, workflows are optimised and, therefore, process costs are reduced, while the service quality is significantly improved. The MobiCall App plays a key role in this context. In fact, our App facilitates the cross-media planning, management, monitoring and implementation of tasks.

Workflows management

  • Cross-media input of service tasks via web or via App
  • Input with text and picture information
  • Consideration of duty rosters and on-call schedules
  • Extensive information related to tasks status via App
  • Transmission of status messages (e.g. about levels)
  • Skill-based tasks assignment
  • Login and logout functionalities for staff members
  • VIP functionality to prioritise some tasks
  • Multi-client capable web portal for SLA times monitoring
  • Evaluation of the service quality
MobiCall Mobility Task Management

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