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Healthcae nurse

Assisted living & retirement homes

The Unified Event Communication solution provided by MobiCall helps to cope with the multiple challenges of retirement homes and facilities for assisted living: the increasing cost pressure, the shortage of trained nursing staff as well as the rising operating and safety regulations.

multi sector


MobiCall is adopting new functionality and innovation every day, often based on simple requests from our customers or partners. MobiCall is active in every market and may well already have developed a generic solution to add value to your organisation.


Education facilities

Besides the increasing digitalisation of teaching and management processes, also extensive contingency plans and stricter safety regulations are challenges for education facilities. The proper and quickest possible redirection of significant information offered by MobiCall is a key element to cope with these requirements.

Finance services

Financial institutions and service providers

Financial institutions and service providers have to face many challenges, ranging from the increasing digitalisation of business models and processes to the global terrorist financing threat. A proper and quick redirection of the relevant information offered by MobiCall is a key element to cope with such requirements.


Emergency & Rescue Services

The problems of terrorism, assaults and unpredictable natural and human incidents require long-term and well-coordinated action to be addressed successfully. Therefore it is essential for companies and institutions to include procedures for identifying and anticipating potential risks, to avoid significant losses.

Energie production

Energy providers and municipal utilities

Municipal utilities and energy providers have to face a wide range of challenges. The proper and quickest possible redirection of information is a key element to cope with them. MobiCall allows to avoid any kind of interference, machine failure, production loss and downtime.



MobiCall is able to manage and coordinate staff in a way that enhances the well-being of patients in hospitals, retirement homes and other healthcare facilities.

hostpitality emergency


MobiCall is able to improve personnel effectiveness and organisational reactivity to every client request, thereby improving customer service, potentially positively impacting customer loyalty.

industry specific notifications


MobiCall is able to enhance management and control of all industrial activities and processes through the various phases of production, routing, storage, people and asset management.


Public Institutions

MobiCall is able to improve flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency of information and communication systems in all office environments to better manage and therefore better secure people and assets.



If, in recent years, security measures inside of airports and train stations have increasingly improved, the latest news show that some vulnerabilities still persist. That’s why a key factor for public transport security is to enhance the efficiency of the whole communication system.

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