Emergency & Rescue Services

A better protection guaranteed by a quick reactivity of the so-called "blue light organizations"

Your challenge

Although enhanced attention and more joint action, the problems of terrorism, assaults and unpredictable natural and human incidents require long-term and well-coordinated action to be addressed successfully.

Our Solution

Emergency and rescue services are meant to ensure public safety by addressing different kinds of emergencies. A key point when measuring the efficacy of emergency services is response time, since fast response times are a crucial component of the emergency service system.

It is essential for companies and institutions to include procedures for identifying and anticipating potential risks, so that significant losses can be avoided or at least reduced.

Effective emergency service management require agencies from many different services to work closely together and to rely on effective communication and alerting channels and processes.

MobiCall allows an extensive network between machines, devices, sensors and the staff responsible, in order to directly transfer important process data, critical thresholds and faults.

Thanks to MobiCall it is also possible to ensure an effective and reliable mobilisation of first-aiders and rescue teams to safeguard employees in case of emergency. By means of MobiCall internal and external first aid stations are alerted and evacuations are immediately initiated.

Fields of application

  • Alerting
  • Personal safety
  • Incident Management
  • Control centers
  • Evacuation
  • Emergency call-center
  • Info-hotline
  • Smart Factory
  • BCM
  • ICT monitoring
  • Emergency processes and calls management
  • Rapid Response Systems
  • Call recording
  • Message broadcasting
  • Network monitoring

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Physical Security Information Management

Control centres and hazard management

  • Central representation of video and data to be monitored
  • Call-up of crisis teams
  • Optional alerting of on-call services
  • Live monitoring of alarm and information distributions
  • Alerting according to the presence status
  • Filing of on-call schedules
  • Automatic import of alarm plans
  • Integrated voice recording
  • Start of emergency conferences
  • Geo-redundant components design
  • Integration of digital radio and smartphones clients

Security technology

  • Constant monitoring of critical components
  •  Secondary alerting channel via GSM
  • Direct transmission of camera images to the client smartphones
  • All-clear signal and information function

Evacuation and emergency management

Emergency Call

Emergency call

  • Central system for 911 call
  • Optional record of emergency information
  • Fixed and dynamic space-oriented alarm combination
  • Automatic set-up of conference among first-aiders
  • Optional conference recording and call patching
  • Optional forwarding to external stations
  • Automatic machines switching off in case of emergency

Crisis teams and emergency conferences

  • Automatic or manual activation of teleconferences
  • Optional inbound, outbound and mixed conferences
  • Dialling different destination numbers of the same participant
  • Optional conference recording
  • Configuration of password-protected access controls or identification through the phone number
  • Web-based administration surface to manage conferences
  • Dynamic connection of users to the conference
mobicall web based conference management
mobicall control center

Info hotline

  • Automatic parallel calls receipt
  • Flexible adaptation of free or pre-defined announcements
  • Optional multistage Interactive Voice Response menus
  • VIP circuitry for phone numbers of utmost importance
  • Partial or total blocking of phone numbers as an option
  • Saving important staff resources
  • Alerting of the population
  • Comprehensive statistics and logging

Enhancement of individual safety

Integration of mobile devices

  • Fixed quick start alarms can be directly triggered
  • Dynamic alarms with modules dedicated to detailed information, location, pictures and videos
  • Input of documentations and building plans
  • Security alerts for watchmen or social workers
  • Assignment of authorisations
  • Who triggered an alarm automatically receives alarm reports
  • Trigger in case of locked screen *
  • Trigger through hardware button *
  • Graphic display of successful alarm triggers
  • Alarm trigger via smartwatch
  • Automatic starting of teleconferences
smart devices

 *depending on the operating system and the terminal device

mobical person protection
  • Alarms can be received individually or on a group basis
  • Positive or negative alarm acknowledgement
  • Selection of different ringtones, depending on the alarm priority
  • Acoustic alert even in silent mode
  • Display of building plans and integration of external cards
  • Login and logout functions for members of alarm groups
  • Multimedia integration including video stream
  • Alarm reception also via smartwatch
  • Direct call-back function and starting of conference calls

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