Join our Team!

Working in our team means continuing the thirty-year success story and jointly shaping our products MobiCall, MobiCCloud, MobiBBox and Micro-MobiCall to achieve total customer satisfaction. If you would like to work in an international, global team, take a look at our career opportunites!

We are looking for new colleagues in the areas of marketing, development, project management, product marketing, translation or management assistant. Women, men and avatars are always addressed and invited to contact us in the same way.

The direct route leads via MobiCall@newvoice.global / +41 58 750 11 11 or as specified in the job descriptions.


Switzerland (Zurich)

ICT Network and Systen specialist (m/f/d) 100%

Full Stack Web Developer (m/f/d) 100%

Software Developer in the field of Interfaces and IoT (m/f/d) 100%

Digital Marketing Specialist (m/f/d) 100%

Telematics Technician (m/f/d) 100%

Projektleiter (m/f/d) 100%


Austria (Linz)

ICT System and Network Technician / Telematics (m/f/d) 100%

Digital Marketing Spezialist/in (m/f/d) 100% 

IT-Junior Support & Projektmanager (m/f/d) 100%

Projektleiter (m/f/d) 100%


Germany (Landsberg)

Marketing Assistant & Social Media Expert (m/f/d) 100%

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