About New Voice International AG

30 years of experience
Upgrades: Example Nutrition since 2009 and Shangri-La since 2012
Extensions since 1.1.2020
Thousands of installations around the world

New Voice International

Unified Event Communication for Safety and Security

Our Expertise…

New Voice International is one of the world leaders in pioneering Unified Event Communication Technology for Risk Mitigation. Our solutions are tailored to specifically match individual and unique business processes. Our objective is a unified safety infrastructure to provide a secure environment for people, assets and the environment.

With our MobiCall solution, we offer a centralised software platform that enables unified integration of an organisations entire communication system, which will allow detection and centralisation of all events within that system, to facilitate an efficient and pre-determined reaction to any circumstance. MobiCall enables automation of processes, quickly relaying information to key decision makers, to mobilise people, to reduce risk.

Our solutions are designed to assist in the complete range of activities, from managing daily tasks to emergency procedures.

…and our Experience.

MobiCall has always been engineered to be uniquely customer focused, which resulted in it evolving into a highly versatile business tool, able to be utilised across all market sectors, across all organisations regardless of nature or size.

After twenty plus years of developing solutions based expertise in all environments, New Voice International prides itself in being able to engineer the perfect solution for every client and their specific needs.

Since 1991, we have initiated and nurtured excellent relationships with the largest Telecommunication companies around the world. Our product integration is of the best there is since we have always developed our solutions with the client’s needs in mind. The seamless integration of MobiCall is well known by our partners who have come to rely on our leading cutting-edge service.

Our experience and references enable New Voice International to guarantee efficient and safe solutions for critical systems and processes.

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