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Our training offer

In our internal training centres and in co-operation with Komsa we offer periodically basic, advanced and refresher courses in German and English as well. The table at the bottom of this page shows our current training dates.

We also offer you the opportunity to arrange individual training dates directly with us and you can also take the training course at your premises, if need be.

Basic training

Training time:

3 days (module 1)
Mon. 9:00 am – Wed. 4:30 pm*

Training objective:

  • The implementation of the ideal and individual solution at the customer’s site.
  • A full understanding of complex alarm scenarios and the relation between outgoing and incoming information are promoted.
  • The correct use of MobiCall’s versatile functions will result in the optimization and adaptation of operational processes.
  • Detailed knowledge about analysis and maintenance of the system from the basics, for first and second line support.



  • MobiCall overview and installation
  • PBX connection (VOIP)
  • In and outgoing calls
  • License Model
  • Alarm processes
  • Alarm Configurator, Personnel editor
  • Interface ESPA4.4.4
  • WAGO I/O controllers and sensor technology
  • Web basic applications
  • Data backup, system recovery
  • Error Tracing and logging of MobiCall

Admission requirements:

  • Knowledge of MS Windows operating system
  • Knowledge of telecommunications and data technology
  • Knowledge of IP and serial protocols
  • Basic understanding of PC hardware components

Advanced training

Training time:

2 days (module 2)
Thurs. 8:30 am – Fri. 1:30 pm*

Training objective:

  • Bring your MobiCall solution at the customer to the next level of alerting
  • Implementation of the MobiCall Visualization Tool using NVX and our mobility solution.
  • Use MobiCall next generation web-based visualization tool to launch alarms and notify about events in real time to your mobility app on Windows PC, Android or I/OS devices.
  • Learning how to upgrade MobiCall solution with the internal backup tool



  • Setting up preinstalled MobiCall System for NVX usage
  • Basic configuration of the NVX application
  • Setting up of buttons, images, e.g in NVX editor environment
  • Launch of alerts over NVX web-based front end
  • Configuration of the mobility solution interface and Clients (WindowsPC, Android, iOS)
  • Going through the upgrade procedure for MobiCall solution

Admission requirements:

  • Attendance of the basic training or module 1 during the last 4 years
  • Knowledge of MS Windows operating system
  • Knowledge of telecommunications and data technology
  • Knowledge of IP and serial protocols
  • Basic understanding of PC hardware components


Training time:

2 days (MobiBBox)
Wed. 9:00 am – Thurs. 4:00 pm*

Training objective:

  • The training participants can put MobiBBox into operation.
  • Standard components, such as VOIP telephony, ESPA 4.4.4 and WAGO’s contact and relay technology, can be smoothly configured afterwards.
  • During the training you will get to know current alarm scenarios, so that you will be able to apply them to a variety of projects.



  • Initial setup of MobiBBox
  • VOIP connection to the phone system
  • Understanding of the alarm hierarchy
  • Alarm configuration
  • ESPA 4.4.4 interfaces
  • WAGO I/O controller
  • Alarm evaluation

*attendance time is mandatory

Training dates 2021


Training Language Date Location
Modul 1 & 2 German 13.09.21 – 17.09.21 New Voice – Leonding (AT)
Modul 1 & 2 English* 11.10.21 – 15.10.21 New Voice – Leonding (AT)
Modul 1 & 2 German 22.11.21 – 26.11.21 New Voice – Leonding (AT)

*(English):  According to the training guidelines, if the demand for a German training is higher and the minregistrations of English participants falls below, the course can be offered in German 6 weeks before the scheduled date.

The training centre is located in Leonding


New Voice GmbH
Paschinger Strasse 59
A-4060 Leonding
Tel: +43732890120


Train station:

Linz Hauptbahnhof


Linz Danube (LNZ)

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