Unified Event Communication Platform

Mobicall – structure and overview

New Voice Mobicall supports a variety of standardized and manufacturer-specific interfaces in order to ensure a comprehensive integration of clinical, administrative and technical system in use. Based on events, Mobicall can interactively alert staff or in-house technicians, both individually and on a group basis, through all known media using voice, text and image messages.

All-in-one Platform

MobiCall, specialised applications Unify, Mobilise and Automate. Use it as a toolbox to design the exact solution required.


Connect and Secure

With MobiCall, everything is in one place: from the detection of an event to the dissemination, acknowledgment and processing of this information. One platform to manage everything.

A specialised Platform

With New Voice enablement, MobiCall is able to operate in varied environments, being completely adaptable to location specific needs and constraints.

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