Accurate positioning made easy

Precise positioning of people in need indoors and outdoors saves lives and prevents damage.

Positioning ready to use in 5 steps

Automatic building plan recognition and zone generation

Individualised naming of the zones according to your needs

Selection of the positioning technology 

(e.g. Bluetooth Beacons)

Automatic determination of the optimal placement of the positioning technology

Installation and direct test

Precision through triangulation

Triangulation is used to calculate the precise location in the monitored building or outside. The location is visualised at any time on a smartphone or tablet on the integrated map.

  • Precise positioning
  • Pathfinding – find location
  • Asset tracking
  • Why do customers choose our positioning application?


    • Secure and timely alerting
    • Employee protection
    • Video and chat support
    • All data stays in the company

    Increased efficiency

  • Quality assurance
  • Faster information flow
  • Workflow optimisation
  • Damage minimisation
  • Flexibility

  • Expansion of functions in the future
  • Investment security thanks to modularity
  • Our customers are satisfied

    “It must be possible to raise the alarm easily and quickly, because in emergencies there is not much time to think. It must therefore be possible to trigger the alarm at the touch of a button and, in some cases, to locate the person seeking help with spatial accuracy.”

    Christian Kieliger

    Head of Building Technology Safety, Triaplus AG

    Integrated Psychiatry Uri, Schwyz and Zug

    “New Voice has invested a lot of development work in connection with tracking. What is very important to me personally is that we have also worked with New Voice to further develop the system based on our high demands.”

    Rudi Grasern

     Head of Hospitality & Infrastructure

    Member of the Executive Board at the Swiss Epilepsy Foundation

    An investment pays off

    We offer you investment security thanks to the modular structure of MobiCall.

    All alarm, information, evacuation and conference systems can be equipped and supplemented with the precise positioning application.

    Positioning technology

    • Bluetooth Beacons
    • WiFi
    • DECT Transmitter
    • NFC Tags
    • GPS
    • BLE Scanner

    Supported devices and manufacturer

    • Samsung
    • Spectralink
    • CAT
    • Honeywell
    • Huawei
    • Cross Cell
    • Alcatel Lucent
    • Quuppta
    • Cisco CMS
    • Cisco DNA Spaces
    • Aurba
    • Ekahau

    Wide range of applications

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